Private day-care centre SVETIELKO Pekníkova 4, and L. Fullu 12, Bratislava 
is a family-like day-care facility for children aged 1.5 to 3 in good health conditions or with partial mobility impairment.
Registration of children is possible during the whole school year, incl. children of mothers in maternity leave. Children are altogether in a single heterogeneous classroom with three teachers.

What are the advantages of heterogeneous classes?
  • new children adapt a lot faster, accept and respect rules running in, and make quicker progress in getting independent;
  • a family-like environment helps eliminate several bad habits of children, e.g. aggressiveness, egocentric behaviour;
  • every day our teachers have enough time for individual approach towards children; moreover, they will daily inform you about your childís progress and behaviour;
  • the whole educational process takes place by using different kinds of tools;
  • we guarantee a low number of children in the classroom, so that we can better control sickness rate;
  • children can be brought to our facility at any time from 7:00 to 17:30;
  • in cooperation with parents we help children not rely on diaper, but ask for a potty and later on use the WC;
  • if children are sick, we can arrange teacher's supervision of your child right at your home (by paying an extra fee).

We assure an individual adaptation process focused on the peculiar character of each single child, in cooperation with his/her parents, by taking into account conditions of child's family, in order to assure as good socialization as possible.
We work out an individual programme for each single child; we consult parents with regard to single phases of the programme and we create them in cooperation with parents.
The individual programme is available for parents' consultation whenever they ask for it.

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