Activities carried out by children during the day:

  • Activities carried out by children during the day:
  • Games and ludic activities.
  • Motion and relaxing exercises.
  • Playing outside.
  • Rest.
  • Activities focused on way of living. 
Alternation of single activities is vital; we assure enough time and space for playing and learning, by stressing the importance of a healthy way of living.

How can your child broadly develop his/her own skills:

  • in our theme corners, by playing cooks, mums, drivers, sellers, engine-drivers, pilots, doctors, nurses;
  • children develop their creativity, imagination, and fantasy by drawing, painting, modelling, playing with stickers; they also develop language skills and early literacy by playing with pictures, folders, rhymes,
  • and by listening to traditional folk tales;
  • mathematical and logical thoughts are developed by playing with easy brain-teasers, puzzles, magnets, mosaics, assembly kits, cubes, and other smart games;
  • theatre activities with marionettes help develop language skills, coherent expression skills as well as passive and active vocabulary;
  • musical talent is expanded thanks to our piano or guitars; the Orff Approach and other musical Instruments for children help develop musical talent and sense of rhythm;
  • childrenís rough movements are developed in our school gym equipped with vaulting box, ropes, circles, ladders, mattresses, trampoline, wall bars, balls, ribbons, and other tools for various exercises.
  • walking on rehabilitation footpaths help prevent flat feet; 
  • our little live nature corner help develop positive relation towards nature and protection of environment. 

All our activities are destined to children who are interested in them:

  • logopaedic screening soon after a child begins to attend our school (with the consent of parents); if need be, the logopaedist will work with your children once a week; logopaedia is for children aged 2 or more;
  • live animals visit us four times a year ñ rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, frogs, lizards, snakes, crabs, praying mantises, leaf insects, spiders;
  • our classroom has a special corner dedicated to live nature;
  • we also visit the ZOO and the botanical garden;
  • pony rides (animal-assisted therapy) once a month, all year round, in cooperation with PUERIS, s.r.o.
  • Amusing ìSpeak and Learnî English lessons 4 times per week (in case of interest, also German language); twice with lecturers, twice with teachers;
  • regular interactive theatre plays (once a month), birthday parties for children, carnival;
  • St Nicholas visits us every year, at Christmas time we decorate gingerbread, and spend happy time under the Christmas tree;
  • our school courtyard is full of greenery (trees, bushes, grass) and we can enjoy enough amusing time outside all year round; our playground includes sandbox with moulds, asphalt surface for chalk drawing, mini gliders, tricycles, see-saws, swings, climbing equipment;
  • for those who are interested we also offer "Christian moments", once a week.

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