Svetielko, Pekníkova - (16.3. - 20.3.)   Menu Card

Svetielko, Ľ. Fullu - (16.3 - 20.3.)   Menu Card

It is possible to cancel meal any time until 8:00 of the concerned day, by telephone or via sms.

Svetielko, Pekníkova 4: 0915 042 595

Ľ. Fullu 12: 0905 954 890

The financial amount of cancelled meals (
1.30 per day) shall be reimbursed to the legal representative of the child by the 15th day of the following month.




Dear parents,
would you like to receive pictures of your children from our facility? Arrange it with our teachers. They will select pictures and copy them on you USB key in the following periods:
December 2014, March 2015, and June 2015.

Thank you for your understanding


Dear parents,
SHARE with us your idea, tell us about them, show us them!
We will be glad to insert new experiences, inspiration, messages into our pages... Please submit and present your creative production and the works of your relatives and friends.
(send us information - we will process it and publish on our web pages)
We look forward to cooperating with you : )

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