Private Nursery School, Pekníkova 4, Bratislava,
since 2006 is part of the system of schools and educational facilities under the Slovak Ministry of Education, offering education for children aged 3 to 6 (incl. children with deferred full-time compulsory education) in good health conditions or with partial mobility impairment. 

  • Registration of children is possible during the whole school year; children of mothers in maternity leave are particularly welcome;
  • Our structure includes only one heterogeneous class with children aged 3 to 6, with max. 15 children. It brings several significant advantages:
    - new children get quite quickly used to new environment;
    - they accept and respect rules running in;
    - quicker progress in getting independent;
    - a family-like environment helps eliminate several bad habits of children, e.g. aggressiveness, egocentric behaviour;
    - older children acquire a sense of responsibility by cooperating with younger children; younger children tend to imitate the older ones and this increases their self-confidence;
  • Every day our teachers have enough time for individual approach towards children; moreover, they will daily inform you about your childís progress and behaviour; ;
  • The whole educational process takes place by using different kinds of tools. 


Our teachers work according to the School Educational Programme called "Sme radi na svete" (We are happy to be in this world) according to thematic fields: 

I am, People, Nature and Culture, in compliance with the National Educational Programme:

  • Performance standards are conceived as target requirements to be met by the child at the end of pre-school age, in order to get suitable pre-primary education;
  • A child who completed pre-primary education is fully prepared to primary education at elementary schools.
  • Children receive a certificate of successful completion of pre-primary education in compliance with  16, paragraph 2 of the School Act, after having attended the last year of the educational program at our nursery school (i.e. by attending the nursery school since the age of 5);
  • A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION OF PRE-PRIMARY EDUCATION can be issued only by nursery schools that are part of the system of schools and educational facilities under the Slovak Ministry of Education (decree of the Slovak Ministry of Education no. 326/2008 Coll.).

School Educational Programme (Slovak)  Sme radi na svete (We are happy to be in this world)
  • We are member of the Society for Preschool Education under the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (OMEP)


  • We assure a soft individual adaptation process focused on the peculiar character of each single child, in cooperation with his/her parents;
  • By taking into account conditions of child's family, in order to assure as good socialization as possible;
  • We work out an individual programme for each single child;
  • We consult parents with regard to single phases of the programme and we create them in cooperation with parents.

Adaptation process (Slovak)

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