Daily schedule at our nursery school:
  • Games and ludic activities
  • Motion and relaxing exercises
  • Educational activity
  • Playing outside
  • Rest
  • Activities focused on way of living
Alternation of single activities is vital; we assure enough time and space for playing and learning, by stressing the importance of a healthy way of living.

Within the frame of these activities, children develop the following skills all day round:
  1. Psychomotoric skills – they are related to development of delicate and rough movements, graphomotoric skills, motion as part of a healthy way of living.
  2. Personality-related skills (interpersonal) – they are related to socialization of children within society as well as to the relationships towards themselves and other people.
  3. Social (interpersonal) skills – concern empathic behaviour towards the surrounding environment, being aware of one's own value and of the value of other people.
  4. Communication skills – concern talking skills, listening and comprehension, with pre-reading literacy.
  5. Cognitive skills – they are related to development of mental operations.
  6. Didactic skills – they are related to intrinsic motivation of children for discovering new things and being actively interested in the surrounding world.
  7. Information skills – they are related to information processing and digital technologies.
All activities are destined to children who have interest:
  • our little clients attend sauna, once a week, throughout the whole school year;
  • from March until June they attend 2 swimming courses;
  • we also offer skating courses;
  • logopaedic screening soon after a child begins to attend our school (with the consent of parents); if need be, the logopaedist will work with your children once a week;
  • thanks to cooperation with ENVIROSVET, children have a chance to discover nature, once a month, by means of experience learning methods;
  • live animals visit us four times a year ñ rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, frogs, lizards, snakes, crabs, praying mantises, leaf insects, spiders; 
  • our classroom has a special corner dedicated to live nature;
  • once a year, during two weeks, we observe how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly; 
  • we also visit the ZOO and the botanical garden;
  • on a weekly basis, children acquire basic knowledge of kinetic and artistic expression through a dance course carried out in cooperation with the ELASTIC Dance School; 
  • in our digital corner we give children the opportunity of manipulating, controlling, and exploiting digital didactic tools PC, camera, Bee bot, several education software games (e.g. the Circus of Thomas the Clown);
  • art and music;
  • (art and music courses - piano, singing (extra fee) directly within our nursery school facilities, in cooperation with the Private Artistic School Ružová dolina 29 in Bratislava. For more information;
  • pony rides (animal-assisted therapy) once a month, all year round;
  • Amusing "Speak and Learn" English lessons 4 times per week; Attending children have access to a page with lyrics, lessons, and games, in order to consolidate their knowledge.
  • (in case of interest, also German language);
  • regular interactive theatre plays (once a month), birthday parties for children, carnival;
  • young medicine students come to visit us, so that our children will not be afraid of doctor's white coat;
  • we discover old traditional tools and the songs of our grandparents;
  • children make little shows in the retirement home (2 or 3 times a year) and delight all people who live there;
  • St Nicholas visits us every year, at Christmas time we decorate gingerbread, and spend happy time under the Christmas tree;
  • our school courtyard is full of greenery (trees, bushes, grass) and we can enjoy enough amusing time outside all year round; our playground includes sandbox with moulds, asphalt surface for chalk drawing, mini gliders, tricycles, bicycles, scooters, see-saws, swings, climbing equipment;
  • for those who are interested we also offer "Christian moments", once a week. 

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